You say Columbus Day Weekend, We Say Sports and Health Day

Our three day weekend in Tokyo started off very much like it might have if we were back in New York.  Tom left work early and we drove out to Hayden’s school – The American School in Tokyo for a Friday night football game.  When we arrived, the school was packed with kids and fans and the grill was fired up and moms and dads were making hamburgers and hotdogs.  There were cheerleaders and a half-time show, just like at home.  The kids were even playing against other Americans as they hosted the Edgren Eagles, an Air Force team from up north in Hokkaido.  Hayden’s team won and we stayed for part of the varsity game.

On Saturday, we spent the morning doing errands, returning videos we rented, dropping off shoes to be fixed, having some pants altered at the tailors.  All things anyone at home might do on a Saturday morning.  I took the girls to a nearby international school fair and spent a lot of money on nothing and walked home with a headache, but the girls had a good time.  School fairs in Japan serve alcohol and lots of it.  Probably why I saw many more Dads than I would usually see at a school fair back home.

Tom and I got our absentee ballots in the mail today.  Tom opened it, voted, signed and sealed it.  Tossed it on my desk to mail asap.  Mine is sitting next to my computer staring at me.  I am still undecided and may have to vote for Ralph Nader.  Even though I know deep down our votes won’t count.  Please…absentee ballots… what chain of events has to happen for them to even open those envelopes?  But for some reason (not sure why because I would never categorize myself as political) this election, it means something to me.  I’ll have to sleep on it…

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