Happo – en Japanese Garden

Today is a national holiday in Japan – Sports and Culture Day.  Tom didn’t have work but the girls had school (score!) and Hayden went with his friends to O-Daiba to hang out at the Sega Theme Park.  It was a beautiful Indian Summer day and we took our bikes and rode to Happo-En a Japanese garden not far from our house.  (i recently bought a mamacharie – which is the Japanese word for the type of bike the wicked witch of the west rode).  I would assume the name derives from Mama Chariot.  Anyway, its what all the woman ride here and they are cheap and get you from point A to point B and there is a nice big basket to carry your packages.  When we arrived at the garden there were two weddings going on.  They let us walk around anyway which was very nice of them and we saw an entire row of bonsai trees, some of which were over 500 years old.  That was astonishing to us.  Can you imagine caring for a little tree over the course of 5 or 6 generations?  Tom said he was happy to have his grandfather’s cufflinks but thats about as far as something has passed in his family from one generation to the next.  There was an insane amount of carp going bananas in the pond and Tom pointed out the “life bouy” in case anyone fell in (see photo).  While we were walking through the gardens, the bells started chiming calling the guests to the ceremony – which was held in a small chapel with stained glass windows with a big silver cross on top.  I’m pretty sure neither one of the couple were christian.  Its just something the Japanese love to do – imitate other cultures (especially western ones) to make things look and feel legitimate.  It was pretty bizarre in the middle of this very japanese garden.  as we were leaving, we noticed a sign in the parking lot that we thought was pretty funny. See the photo attached.  It reads like someone was actually drunk while writing it.  You would think they would ask someone who spoke English how to translate the meaning.

1 thought on “Happo – en Japanese Garden

  1. Liser:

    You are so brave and adaptable. To make a Greek dinner in Japan takes quite a bit of doing I would imagine. Hope you have JoAnns recipe for Baklava. I made it once with her i n Florida and it was not easy. And that was in the U.S.
    It was great to see a photo of Tom. Send us photos of you and the kids any time you are able.

    Tell me about Guam when you return.
    Love and xx’s

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