Office Dinner Party

Last night Tom and I hosted a dinner party at our apartment for his desk at work.  I spent the day before shopping at Costco (a four hour round turn event – 1 hour to drive each way and 2 hours to shop in the extremely crowded store).  There were ten of us for dinner and I decided to cook Greek food.  My thought was Greek food is very rare in Tokyo – I had only heard of one Greek restaurant in Tokyo and that was confirmed by the dinner guests.  Not sure why it never caught on here.  Anyway, i attempted to make taramousalata because that is such an authentic thing to eat and I thought the Japanese would love a good fish spread.  Well, what I made was definitely a fish spread but it definitely was NOT taramousalata.  Good thing they weren’t familiar with the original.  I can just imagine them the next time they actually try the real stuff.  I also made baklava which looked authentic and the taste was right, but it was very messy and difficult to eat.  And after dinner when everyone was comfortable (and had a few drinks) they told me I had served the special water that has Fiber added to it so I’m pretty sure the guests were having a laugh at that when I put it on the table.  Embarrassing.  But most importantly, I had a lot of alcohol and a good variety and that was what made everything go smoothly.  Japanese people hardly ever entertain in their homes because they are small.  Most dinner parties are hosted at restaurants so i was happy to do something different.  and there was the most beautiful full moon hanging over the Tokyo Tower.

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