It’s not always fun and games in Tokyo

This was a tough weekend.  But to keep my blog honest, I have to write the bad with the good.  I got my first full blown cold this week and i refuse to go to the doctor (yes, you have read correctly, your friend the lover of doctors won’t go in Tokyo).  I’ve been several times for the kids and the truth is, they are clueless and they don’t prescribe good drugs AND they cost a bloody fortune.  So, why bother.  I actually took the celephane off the neti pot i brought with me and tried to heal my self the old fashioned way.  Lets just say i choked on a good deal of salt water and i won’t be using it again anytime soon.  So, its day 4 and the cold continues.  So, with my defenses down (literally) i had to brave the weekend knowing that Thomas Jr. was playing in the Exeter/Andover game 7500 miles away.  He was going to start as the defensive middle line backer (i think i got that right) and i knew it was going to be the biggest day of his athletic career to date.  The school was going to have a live web-cast starting at 4:30 a.m. in Tokyo, and Tom Sr. was geared up to watch the game as it happened.  I was in denial about the whole thing and tried very hard to put it out of my mind.  When it was time to go to bed and Tom was setting the alarm he asked if i wanted to get up with him and watch.  Surrounded by my mountain of used tissues, my juice and my ricola, i said no, i think its best if i just get some rest.  The next morning around 6:15 Tom woke me and asked if i felt good enough to come downstairs because the 4th quarter was about to start and exeter was ahead by 1 point.  I sat up in bed and rushed downstairs.  And there on my huge flat screen tv was my son.  The one i haven’t seen in months, and thats when i started to cry.  And pretty much, thats what i did for the 4th quarter.  And thats what i’m doing now as i write this entry.  Anyway, they went on to win 21 – 13.  Tom had the game of his life.  And then the emails started to come in from people who had watched the webcast and from those that were at the game (Big Tom’s parents were there with his sister Nancy and her son Evan and Tom’s old roommate from Exeter was there with his parents).  I’ve been told that they are going to make the webcast available on Andover’s website in the near future for anyone who didn’t see it and still wants to.  Tom Sr. and I decided next year, when Thomas is a Senior and the game is at home, we will be there, no matter what.  So, this weekend, the fun and games were in Andover, Massachusetts…thomascrew

5 thoughts on “It’s not always fun and games in Tokyo

  1. if you got salt water in your throat, then you were using the neti pot somewhat incorrectly. The correct way has the head tilted to one side and you able to see the sink drain out of the “lower” eye corner, with head tipped so ever slightly forward. then as you raise the neti pot to release water into the upper nostril, breathe gently and easily through your mouth. no water should go back into your throat at all.

  2. Liser, my little avaocado:

    Forgive me for delaying my response to this. Sweetie, no body said that this would be easy. At least Tom’s parents, his sister and nephew were there. And on top of all of this, you felt like shit, physically.

    It is fabulous that he had such a fabulous game and they won. Pubby and I would love to see the webcast so let us know.

    And sweetie, you will be there to see him play next year.
    Speaking of neti pots; I had cut something out of the newspaper a while back and gave it to Lesley, my daughter-in-law because she was thinking of using. It was all about neti pots. I do not know if she ever used or got one, though.

    Anyway. my thoughts are with you. I hope your cold is better and I send you and the gang my love. Miss you and think aobut you all the time.

    Aunt Nancy

  3. Dear Liser Love:

    Yes, this is your uncle, not your aunt. After reading your e-mail, I suggest that you immediately read Shogun, my most favorite book ever, which is about the warlords in very early Japan. After you read the book, which is about 1100 pages, I think you should do the honorable thing, which is to committ sepiku, which is a “very honorable suicide”. You must stick your sword into the middle of your stomach with a giant thrust, and then twist it in both directions with force. After that, you should not have a worry in the world. I looked at Tom Jrs. mohawk, does Tom Jr. know that his Uncle Danny has a buzz cut. Actually, comparing the both of them, Tom, Jr. really needs a haircut. By the way, where do you go for a pastrami sandwich. Liser, we all love and miss you very much. y the way, I have not been writing very much, even though I am very good at it. Our retiring President of our golf club , after two years of service is having a dinner in his honor, as I had one eight years ago. Two years ago, for the President before him, I wrote a fictional toast that was very well received. This year I am trying my poetry. I have written a two page poem about him, it really sucks, but should cause a lot of laughs, it’s called putting yourself out there. Keep your chin up and your sword straight.
    Love, Uncle Rogie

  4. Sorry that you were not feeling well. That Tom Jr is sure amazing.I just heard about a cold remedy sounds weird but it’s supposed to be effective.Before going to sleep – If you can get some Vicks vapro rub- rub it on your feet then put on a pair of socks. I heard it works but fortunetly I don’t have a cold. Hope that you are feeling better!

  5. hi lisa,

    im really sorry to hear that u were so sad about not being there… but take it from me, tom is awesome and hes pretty much grown and not only can he take care of himself, you raised him to be able to take care of the people around him as well. i know its hard being away from your oldest from youre amazing and there is always next year!


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