He Says She Says

It’s been five months since we moved to Tokyo and there is definitely a difference of opinion among the children about living here.  Sophie has completely embraced the experience and loves everything Japanese and Hayden kind of falls on the other side of the spectrum with Annie smack in the middle.  A quick list of why they LOVE/DON’T LOVE Living in Japan:

SOPHIE LOVES JAPAN BECAUSE:green tea,onsen,nori,onigiri,the language,Japanese Drama on TV, tatami, futon,fashion,people,apartment living,taking your shoes off,the trains, living in a city, living close to friends.dsc030902

HAYDEN DOESN’T LOVE JAPAN BECAUSE:school is hard,can’t speak the language,sushi’s not that great,uncomfortable beds,doorways too small, hit head a lot,kids are annoying,sports stink,food is bad,have to watch TV on my computer with slow load times,can’t just turn on the TV,no longer a sports fan because I can’t watch my teams, christmas is wierd, hate living in a city, bus ride to school is too long…dsc02381

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1 thought on “He Says She Says

  1. Dear Hayden,
    I know it’s hard for you to realize now, but someday you will look back with very fond memories of Tokyo. When you do, smile and remember how good your Mom and Dad were to you.
    Love Gmaw

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