You can go home again

dsc03803Last week, I flew back to New York for the first time since I left in August.  It had been over six months and a lot had changed since I left both in my family and at home.  I knew however that the important things, like friends and family would remain unchanged and that I found to be true.  I arrived in New York Wednesday morning after flying 13 hours and immediately started the week after having my first turkey sandwich from a deli in half a year.  To quote my Uncle Roger, “it was the BEST deli sandwich I ever ate”.  I spent the afternoon running from one doctor to the next getting in all the check ups I wasn’t able to have while in Tokyo.  Yes they have doctors here but that’s another story.  Back home to Kathy’s for a quick change, a chat with my nieces and nephews and we were out the door to celebrate Theresa’s birthday.   We went to the new Tarry Lodge in Port Chester and it was packed.  The economy is burning out of control but I found the restaurants and bars in Rye packed to capacity.  I especially liked the truffle pizza with the fried egg on top.  After too many cosomos I was back at Kathy’s sharing my bed with my long lost dog Wesley.  For those of you who don’t know, Kathy and Lenny graciously adopted Wesley into their family when we found out that we couldn’t take him to Japan.  He’s had a rough adjustment period and almost found himself on the street but things have seemed to mellow out.  When I first walked in the door he hyperventilated and then threw up.  I guess he was happy to see me.  We continued to be glued to each other for the rest of the time we had together.  On Thursday it was shopping time.  There are just things I can’t get in Tokyo, for example, clothes that fit Sophie and I, shoes for any of us except Annie, American candy, movies, shampoo, the list goes on.  I went one stop shopping to Target and came away with too much stuff – I had to bring an extra suitcase on the plane (more on that later).  I also went to the new Nordstrom’s Rack in White Plains which I highly recommend.  It’s all the extra inventory from Nordstroms at ridiculous prices.  I scored there as well.  After stopping at Finch’s pharmacy and loading up on drugs, I had lunch at the New Rye Bar and Grill in town with my Aunt Nancy and Uncle Roger.  I was amazed at how big a restaurant they were able to build in the middle of the train station but it is very nice and I had a wonderful turkey burger (again, loading up on turkey products that I can’t get back home).  After lunch, I did some residual shopping on the main street in Rye and was just amazed at what I found.  Everyone had been telling me that the economy was killing the small main street but until I walked down the street, counting empty stores and then going into a few old favorites and finding nothing on the shelves and feeling the desperation of the sales people did I actually believe it.  I felt like the end was near and the salespeople new it and they were just doing what they had to do before it was all over.  It was a very strange feeling.  When I got back to Kathy’s it was time to head out to the White Plains County Court House to watch my niece Spencer testify in her mock trial.  It was a very stressful event, real court room, real judge and she did a fantastic job.  She was so confident, I was really very proud of her.  We then dashed out of there to Lisa McGowan’s for a beautiful dinner party with all my girlfriends.  Lisa as always had set up a great bar in the kitchen with tons of my favorite appetizers and then we sat down for a great meal.  It seriously was like I never left.  The night ended way too late for a “school” night and then I had to leave at 9am the next morning for my flight to Boston.  All I can say about that is that the flying time was 30 minutes and then it took another 30 minutes for the union bag guys to get our backs out of the plane.  Annoying.  I took a cab to Exeter and arrived in the middle of Tom’s diving practice.  The picture here is of the Men’s Varsity Diving Team.  Thomas is in the back.  I remembered how much I hated watching diving the minute I sat down and watched my son start doing inwards.  That board gets way too close to their heads!  I spent most of the weekend learning about the college admissions process at Exeter and eating meals with Thomas.  We actually got to spend one afternoon in bed at my hotel room eating sliders and fries and watching crappy TV together.  That was a highlight.  Exeter is a pressure cooker and I hope that when Thomas is finished “cooking” he will be ready for college.  Saturday night, the weather forecast was for a blizzard the next day up and down the Northeast Corridor.  I knew I had to get out, so I was up at 5, making train reservations and continually watching the weather.  Thankfully there was a break in the action which allowed me to fly back to New York before the storm really started in earnest and I made it to my cousin Wendy’s house for a Sunday family dinner with my aunt and uncle.  As we were getting ready for bed, the snow started again and I was concerned that I wasn’t going to make it out the next morning.  When I woke up, the schools were closed and there was about a foot of snow outside but the street cleaners had cleared the streets and my flight wasn’t listed as delayed so I left on time.  At the airport, sitting in the lounge, I couldn’t believe we were going to take off.  It was a complete white out.  But after being de-iced, we took off about 1 hour late and I made it back to Tokyo for dinner.  Going through customs with my three suitcases that each weighed 50 pounds and a customs form that said I had two unaccompanied pieces of luggage (this means that I get to have two things shipped to me without having customs put a big tax on them) the guard looked at me and said “Hitori de?” which means “Are you alone?”  I think he was astounded with the amount of stuff I was bringing back.  But he let me through.  The kids were happy (probably relieved) to see me.  Tom had done a great job but the mom is the mom.  Thanks to everyone who made my week successful.  You can go home again…

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2 thoughts on “You can go home again

  1. I am sooo glad you only were delayed for 1 hour.
    I bet it is great to be back.
    Lisa, we had the best ime with oyou, as well. You certainly’ can go home again’ whenever you want
    to. We are all here, just as you left us, thank G-D.
    Love you and miss you already.

  2. Dear Leeser:

    I did not know that you spelled it that way. Your blog sounds more like a food channel and I think it is just amazing that you lost weight on this trip. I guess you had to because of all the luggage you took back. I am sorry about your dog Wesley hyper ventilating and throwing up, but it is better than him biting you like he did to me. Leeser, it was really great seeing you and spending so much time with you. I felt really special.

    Love Ya,

    One of the birthday boys, Uncle Roggie

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