Thomas Jr. Dives In

web_2Thomas surprised us this winter by deciding to return to diving, a sport he competed in when we were members of Coveleigh many years ago.  He was looking for a winter sport and decided to give it a try.  He had a really fabulous season winning some dual meets and placing in the top three in a lot of others.  On Saturday 24 prep schools in the New England Preparatory Swimming and Diving Association competed in the all New England Championships.  This was the league championship.  I got a phone call from Thomas at around 1am Exeter time.  He was talking quietly as they were still on the bus coming home from the competition.  He was anxious to tell us that he came in 9th.  He was expecting somewhere in the teens and so he was very happy with what he was able to achieve.  If we were in America, we would have been there to watch it all as it happened.  These are the times when you realize how far away you really are.  When you know that your child has had a stressful but thrilling day and it happened while you were sleeping.  I so wanted to be there to share it with him.  After a day of rest, he will begin Lacrosse season on Monday.  If you know Thomas, you know that he needs to run around a lot.  The new season of lacrosse will be good for him.  On Friday afternoon, Annie represented her school in the Brain Bowl – 5 international schools competed on their knowledge of 15 Sakura Medal winning books that they had read.  It was an exciting competition and in the end the Tokyo International School went on to win in a tie breaker.  Congrats to Annie and her team.  On Saturday, Tom and I threw a 4th Grade Bingo Social for all the kids that are in Annie’s 4th Grade.  The goal was to get the kids to mix a bit as their class size is small (only about 15) and there are always kids coming and going.  We held it at the school and it was a fun afternoon.  Tom was the bingo caller and made funny comments all afternoon that the moms laughed at but the kids didn’t really get.  Tom took the girls to the equivalent of the Museum of Science and Industry in Tokyo this afternoon and I had the house to myself.  We finished the weekend with chicken burritos at our favorite mexican restaurant around the corner from our apartment, La Jolla.  Doug and Sam Hopkins joined us as Libby was with the college kids in Colorado for the week.  The girls have off tomorrow for parent teacher conferences and Sophie is having a Japanese straight perm.  She hates her curly unruly hair and I have agreed to see if the famous Japanese process can help her.  We’ll see how that goes…

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2 thoughts on “Thomas Jr. Dives In

  1. Dear Lisa and all,
    So very proud of Tom and diving……looking at that looooong body coming off the board is breathtaking!!! He has courage and lots of skill.

    Lisa, we just adore the pictures and blog. Right know we know much more about you and the family in Japan than we know about anybody else here in the US! It us a real blessing.
    We will be in Tokyo in less than a month!!!
    love Mom

  2. That is great news about Tom Jr. coming in 9th in diving. Also, Annie must be so proud of herself and her team for breaking the tie at the Tokyo International School.

    I of course will need a picture of Sophie with her hair straightened.

    Are Pam and Mark visiting or are Tom’s parents visiting? Either way, it will be great for you, Tom and the kids.

    Maisy appeared in Joseph and the amazing technicolor Dreamcoat for 2 performances at her school. She played the part of the narrator and she was wonderful.

    As for Tom calling Bingo, I always wanted to have a Bingo-Musical Chairs party. Now I know who to call.

    I know that your Dad and Joann are coming next week so you will be busy. I want to hear all about it though.

    Love to you all.

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