A Very American Weekend


The Statue of Liberty (in Odaiba - Tokyo)
The Statue of Liberty (in Odaiba - Tokyo)

There are some weekends in Japan that are very Japanese.  You see things and do things that you could only see and do if you lived in Tokyo in 2009.  I’ve written about a lot of those weekends in this blog.  This past weekend wasn’t one of those weekends.  It started off with a shared bottle of champagne at our friends, Isa and Cliff’s apartment.  We had never been there before and sitting in their very modern living room with all the creature comforts of home (in all of the sizes you would expect them: think kitchen appliances) you could easily have believed that we were in a Manhattan apartment.  When the bottle was finished we took a cab to a restaurant about 10 minutes away for dinner where the menu was completely in ENGLISH.  I had tuna with MASHED POTATOES and it was absolutely delicious.  The bill came and it was incredibly REASONABLE.  After dinner, we walked home.  On Saturday morning, Tom left early with Hayden for a baseball double header at Hayden’s high school and the girls and I went over to their school for their annual fair.  I ran the American booth where we served grilled hamburgers and Dominos Pizza.  That evening, Tom and I drove to our friends Libby and Doug’s where we sat in their extremely comfortable den, ordered pizza, drank red wine, ate home made apple crisp and watched Anne Hathoway in Rachel Getting Married.  It is now Sunday morning and I just finished making blueberry pancakes and packing a lunch to take to Annie’s little league game.  The only difference between this weekend and the weekend of April 16th, 2008 is that this year I enjoyed and appreciated the routine.  I’m pretty sure I didn’t feel the same way last year… carpe diem.

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1 thought on “A Very American Weekend

  1. Liser:

    It sounds like your Mom and Marc had a great time. How great it was all of you together.
    Uncle Rogie and I wish you and the gang a Happy and Healthy New Year.

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