There May Be Something To The “Wa”

n1456860015_364408_1989060The Japanese concept of Wa (group harmony) was in full force this past Saturday when the ASIJ JV Baseball team played against the Japanese (a team that played in the Little League World Series two years ago).  An hour prior to the beginning of the game, I was sitting in my car in the school parking lot, reading the paper and drinking a cup of coffee when a pack of kids came flying in onen510997523_2599808_6397267 after another on their bikes, dressed in starch white uniforms.  They ran out to the field and started a warm-up like I’ve never seen before.  Unfortunately, I had given the camera to Tom who was with the girls at their school’s sports day so it went unrecorded.  They formed lines and were fed badminton birdies as they practiced their hitting, one after another.  Next they took the field, yelling and screaming with every move.  As the game began, the differences between the two teams were quickly apparent. When the Japanese made an error in the field, their coach smacked them on the head.  They loved the bunt and used it effectively every inning.  There was never a quiet moment when they were in the field.  Constantly whooping and screaming, driving their teammates to a frenzy.  They ended up winning the first game.  Twenty minutes later, the second game of the double header began.  Somehow they had lost some momentum.  It was quite possible that they relaxed after the win.  Or it could have been that Hayden finally got to play and his defense was stellar (yes, I am a proud mom).  Hayden had been benched in the first game until the 6th inning due to us being 5 minutes late to the game (traffic on the Chuo Expressway).  When the Japanese lost to ASIJ in the second game the team received quite a talking to from the coach.  And then, as we were walking away from the field heading for home, they ran back out and started doing drills again.  Their day was from from over.  It’s been a strange season for Hayden – nothing like what he was used to back home.  But, I’m pretty certain, he’s learned a thing or two…

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