Hugh and the Two (brothers that is)

the brothers on the sideline
the brothers on the sideline

A few weeks ago, Sophie had come across an ad for the premiere of X-Men Zero, Wolverine in the Stars and Stripes newspaper I picked up at the US Embassy.  “Can we go, Mom?” she asked.  We’ll see I told her.  A few days later, “Can we go Mom?  I really want to go, please,” she asked again.  We’ll see I said.  The day before the event, I started to google to find out when it would take place.  I knew all the movie premieres were at Roppongi Hills but I wasn’t sure when it started and where exactly they were held.  I couldn’t find a single mention on google.  Strange.  I decided my last ditch effort would be to post something on Facebook.  “Anyone know when the X-Men premiere starts tonight at Roppongi Hills?”  Within a half hour, my best friend from High School, Jenny sent me a message telling me that her friend was Hugh’s hair stylist and that she just spoke to him this morning in Tokyo and that he was with Hugh going to the premiere.  Would I like her to call him back and get us on the guest list?  YES PLEASE!  Within a few hours, our names were on the guest list and I couldn’t wait for the girls to come home from school so I could tell them that not only were we going to the premiere, we were actually going to get to see Hugh and watch the movie.  You can imagine the jumping that ensued.  They scrambled to finish their homework so they could figure out what they were going to wear.  At 5pm, we left the apartment and went up to Roppongi Hills to check it out.  After a few Japanese moments (enough said) they found the person who knew we were supposed to be there and we were in possession of 4 20th Century Fox Staff Stickers and were personally escorted to a fabulous spot on the red carpet.  We watched Hugh ride in on the Harley from the movie and then laughed as he tried to speak Japanese and then Annie got to talk to him!  We had brought our DVD copy of Australia and a big fat red sharpie and as he came down the red carpet Tom yelled Hugh really loudly.  He turned around and saw Annie waiting with the DVD and he asked her where she was from and if she was on vacation or if she lived in Japan.  She was pretty cool and answered all his questions.  After the red carpet, we went into the theater and got to see the movie which we all really liked.  It was a magical night.  On the subject of magical nights, we had another one last night.  It was the season opener for ASIJ Varsity Football.  Hayden was starting as QB and Thomas was playing both ways, tight end and defensive end.  Even though they have both played football since 4th grade, they’ve NEVER been on the same team.  But now that Thomas repeated junior year and Hayden is playing up, they are together for the first time.  And to add to the excitement, Tom Sr was announcing.  On Thursday afternoon, the coach said that no one had volunteered to announce and they were in desperate need for someone to do it.  Tom usually films the games but stepped up to announce.  Picture it; Saturday night, 5pm, both of the boys playing together, Tom announcing, full moon.  Had to have been one of the best nights of Tom Sr’s life.  And Hayden’s.  And maybe even Tom Jr’s.  When the game was over, the brothers connected for two TD passes and Hayden ran in one of his own.  We won 42-16.  Tom had a blast working the mike.  One of the touchdowns Thomas made, was one handed and ended up breaking a finger. It was our first experience in the Emergency Room in Tokyo and we had heard horror stories about finding an ER that would take you and would have the right doctor and one that spoke English.  I called the American Club and they pointed us in the right direction:  Go to the Red Cross Hospital and look for the red ramp right.  Huh???  The red ramp right.  Its the only area of the hospital that is open.  Hmmm… we drove around the hospital in search of this mysterious clue.  And then we found it.  A small flashing red lamp light.  Father and son spent the remainder of the night in the hospital while Hayden went out to celebrate.  Magic.

4 thoughts on “Hugh and the Two (brothers that is)

  1. OMG!!!!!!!
    My heart is thumping like a HAMMER!!! I am soooooooooreleived we have our tickets and we are on a plane SOON!!!! Seein g just one will ease the pain so very much.
    We were at PU yesterday amidst the marching 400 band flags silver twins and golden girl – girls in black and gold (all twirlers!) and sun streaming down – stands packed – I decided – this might be good enough for Hayden! (- 🙂 and we won 51 to 32!
    Love Mom

  2. Plus the Red Carpet – you kids are NEVER going to want to leave Tokyo!!!! LOVE MOM

  3. I think I remember Jenny from H.S. Wowee!!
    Leave it to you Lisa to get to the red carpet in tokyo, no less (no small fete I might add), to mett Hugh Jackman (I assume), and then to see the Premier. I am blown away. You are a very lucky family. Serendipity follows you.
    AND I adore hearing about it.

    Now, the fact that both Hayden, Tom Jr. and Sr. were all in the game IN TOKYO was cosmic. Kudos to Hayden and Tom Jr. for being on the winning team. Your adorable husband, of course he would announce. He’s perfect for the job. Sorry to hear about Tom Jr.’s finger. Hope he is OK.
    The Red Ramp Right is a(n)? hysterical story.

    I miss all of you. Love and xxx’x

    PS. Sorry it took me so long to write. We have not been home very much.

    For some reason I came across your blog and I have photos from your most recent post…

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