Domo Arigato Day (Thanksgiving in Tokyo)

I have a lot to be thankful for.  Thomas Jr. was now living in Tokyo and my immediate family would all be together to share the holiday.  Tom’s job was going very well.  Sophie’s parent teacher conference that week was off the charts and more than I could ever expect.  Annie was about to debut in a Tokyo International Player’s rendition of A Christmas Carol.  Hayden returned from a week in New York, excited about the prospects of boarding school next year and Thomas had completed a few of the 16 essay questions required for his college applications.  We had 25 in total for Thanksgiving Dinner and the weather was gorgeous.  Happy.  Until around 9:30 Thanksgiving morning while cooking in the kitchen,  I had a vision of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade marching to Times Square around 11pm that night (Tokyo time). I’d most likely be asleep.   And I started to lose it.  That damned parade gets me every time.  Why am I so emotional about those latex balloons?  And that sadness led to more sadness, as it does, and I started to think that this was going to be the last Thanksgiving for a few years where I could guarantee that we would all be together.  With the likelihood of us staying in Japan, coupled with Thomas at college somewhere on the west coast of the US and Hayden in boarding school somewhere on the east coast, and Sophie and Annie’s school not having a Thanksgiving holiday, who knew when we’d celebrate this holiday together again.  But the thing with life is that it doesn’t stand still.  There was an apple pie to bake and a turkey to baste and I just didn’t have time to indulge myself.  Swallowing it down, I returned to my tasks.  About a half hour later, Thomas came down and started poking around in the pots and pans, looking for a bowl to lick, making me laugh and it was all forgotten.  The hours raced by, the door bell started ringing and the guests arrived, excited by the prospect of a real American turkey dinner.  And i didn’t disappoint.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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