A Time To Say Goodbye

It’s June. The first month of summer.  The month of my birthday.  It’s the time of year when school work and obligations come to an end and summer camp and freedom begins.  A time I used to highlight in bright yellow and count the days until May ended.  But it’s June in Tokyo and that means saying goodbye.  And goodbye.  And goodbye.  The expat life certainly has it’s perks but you pay for them in June when firms re-shuffle their employee rosters and many of your friends get sent somewhere else.  And you spend a good deal of time saying goodbye.  I have a friend who can’t count how many Sayonara parties she’s been to since she moved to Tokyo – it could very well be in the hundreds.  Ok, she has lived here for 18 years but come on.  She’s had to say goodbye to people she cared about (otherwise she wouldn’t be on the guest list) HUNDREDS of times.  It leaves a mark.  And this year, I have the added “pleasure” of saying goodbye to my oldest child as he graduates from high school.  I know I am one of many around the world who are experiencing this very normal rite of passage but on top of all the other separations, its making it difficult to drive in the car and listen to the radio.  Any song has the potential to spark impromptu tears. Mata ne – until we meet again…

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