2010: It was the best of years, it was the worst of years.

This is a picture of my four children, together and happy.  This is how we ended the year 2010.

Some years go by without much significant happening.  It might even be hard to remember special events.   What did we do for my birthday that year?  Did Hayden’s team make it to the playoffs?  Which company were you working for then?  I’ve had those years as have we all.  The ones that when you are sitting around on New Year’s Eve you wonder where the time went.  How is it possible that another year has passed already.  This was not one of those years.  And when it came time to put the year to bed, for the first time since I was old enough to stay up to midnight, I put myself to bed hours before the big countdown.  I was ready for it to end.  My family and I were in New Zealand when 2010 began, celebrating the New Year a full day before our relatives back in New York would watch the ball drop in Times Square.  We got a head start so to speak.  It turns out we shouldn’t have rushed the new year’s emergence.   Some of the best things happened this year in our family; Thomas got accepted at UCLA, Tom and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary, I wrote an article for CNN International, Thomas and Hayden played in the Japan vs. USA All-Star Football game and won.  But some of the worst things happened too – both of Tom’s parents passed away within three weeks of each other; an unbearable amount of grief for a family at one time.  I will not forget 2010.  But what I have learned  from what we have been through this year is that you carry on.  You do what you need to do to make it through to the next day.  And then the next.  And things get better.  This too shall pass.

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