On The Road Again – Day Two of the College Tour

IMG_2441Day Two started with the info session at GW. One of the assistant directors of admissions ran the session and I have to admit I was so in awe of what he was wearing it was hard to focus on what he was saying. He was so totally cool and dapper from his bow tie to his extremely short pants with no socks and loafers. This is my third child to go on college tours and this was by far the most dapper of admissions officers. Extra style points for sure. After the info session we went on a very cold walking tour of GW along with a gozillion other prospects. We had already fallen in love with the school the day before so it was preaching to the choir but I have to admit to being fascinated by the new science and engineering hall that has such smart classrooms that motion sensors not only turn on the lights but adjust the heat and a/c depending on how many people are in the room. That is just super cool. But since we were there for art, Sophie would never be turning the heat on in that building. I liked this wall at GW – covered in flyers advertising fun of all sorts…


A little strange situation on our flight from Washington to New Orleans. The stewardess spent about 20 minutes moving people around the cabin to “evenly distribute the weight”. This wasn’t an 8 seater…For someone who has to medicate to fly it wasn’t the best thing to witness prior to takeoff. Thankfully she must have done her job right and we landed about 2.5 hours later in New Orleans, in a different time zone and about 30 degrees warmer. I opted for the economy rental car. This is quite possibly the smallest car I’ve ever driven in:


The hotel I booked on Expedia in the French Quarter looked good enough. Yeah, that didn’t really work out that well. Between the heavy smell of weed and the carpet that is too sticky to walk on without shoes, it’s not my best choice. Note to anyone visiting NOLA do not book The Hotel St; Marie. Dinner was at a VERY highly recommended restaurant in the Garden District called Shaya – just recently opened, Israeli food. It lived up to its reputation but probably better visited with more than 2 people as it’s all about sharing. We over ordered and I left slightly in pain.

IMG_2442But not too much in pain that we didn’t stop here…

FullSizeRenderOur walk home to our hotel through the French Quarter, crossing Bourbon Street was just as you’d expect on a Saturday night in NOLA. Sophie took it all in stride saying “it sort of reminds me of Tokyo.” Well said. Tomorrow finds us with a day off to roam free! Laissez les bon temps roulez!

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1 thought on “On The Road Again – Day Two of the College Tour

  1. Can’t wait to hear about Tulane!
    Oh and the weight distribution thing on the flight happens all the time. No biggie 🙂

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