On The Road Again – Day Four of The College Tour (and five!)

*The following blog is days four and five due to the inability to get internet access.

It’s Day Four, dear reader and hopefully you aren’t bored yet! Knowing that I will be blogging about our experience daily actually keeps me more alert and curious on this long college tour and so I thank you for reading along and giving me an additional purpose for paying attention and staying awake.

Today we were on the Tulane Campus for the info session and campus tour and we were lucky enough to have arranged a tour of the Art School as well. Sophie really would prefer a true liberal arts school with a nice art program than a pure art school and Tulane definitely fits that bill. We loved the school.


In keeping with our Hollywood theme this week, we arrived on campus to find a huge crew filming the Fox television series Scream Queens with Lea Michele, Abigail Breslin, Jamie Lee Curtis, Ariana Grande and Emma Roberts. Seriously, you just can’t make this stuff up.IMG_2496

On the art school tour we saw printmaking, photography (both digital and film), painting and drawing studios, sculpture studios and one of the coolest workshops – glass blowing. Tulane has the largest glass blowing facility on any college campus. Some of the work scattered about was just gorgeous. Imagine, getting to blow glass as a class! The thing we liked the best is that at Tulane you can double and triple major and the dual majors can be as diverse as Studio Art & Public Health (like our tour guide).

The glass blowing facility at Tulane
Some of the student’s glass work that reminded us of sushi!
The sculpting studio

No visit to New Orleans would be complete without a real poboy so a stop at Domelise’s was in order. I had heard so much about this hole in the wall from my cousin Wendy who went to Tulane and it was around when she was in school. It didn’t disappoint but figuring out how to order and what to get wasn’t exactly the easiest of tasks. My tourist was showing but who cares – we got what we came for and it was really good.


In any college tour there is going to be down time that you really can’t do anything with including time in airport gates and driving in the car. Sophie has been good about filling the time with studying lots and lots of SAT vocabulary words (and I have to admit, I’m learning several myself – who ever used the word deleterious – it means injurious to health) as well as sketching – this picture was taken while waiting for our flight to Miami. IMG_2510 IMG_2513

Tonight, courtesy of facebook and the ability to see what all of my friends are doing at any given moment, we are having dinner with the Wendel Family, amazing friends from Tokyo who now live in Napa and are spring breaking in Miami. It’s an unexpected gift that will only add to our already adventurous time on the road. See you tomorrow, reporting from THE U!


Day Five – it’s 80 and sunny as Sophie and I start the day with breakfast outside by the fountain at the Biltmore. This is the first hotel that is actually gorgeous (and the carpet isn’t sticky) and I just want to grab sunscreen and my book and lay out by the pool but info session 3 is calling…


The “U” campus (University of Miami) is seriously a country club. The campus wraps around a man-made lake with a streaming fountain and the outdoor pool has lounge chairs set up with students lying around (Sophie said it reminded her of the movie Accepted). The only annoying part was the crying infant throughout the info session – yes I said infant. There was a mother there with both her high school junior and her infant. Get a babysitter for god’s sake!

Our tour guide talked about how during mid-terms and finals the school offers free massages, play time with puppies and the installation of tons of hammocks across campus. Yes, all those things are true. Puppies and free massages? I’m sold.

IMG_2568 IMG_2562 IMG_2558

We were able to meet up with two ASIJ (American School in Japan) grads that were good friends with Hayden, Kenjo and Tacuma. We had lunch outside at the Rathskellar by the water and over lunch they gave us the inside scoop. They couldn’t have been nicer and it was so great to see them – all grown up and living in Miami!


After lunch, it was a quick Uber to the airport in time for our next flight to Orlando where we will be driving to Winter Park, Fl to visit Rollins tomorrow. As I type this, the day isn’t over but we have yet to see anyone famous – our streak might be ending…and we haven’t had anything delicious to eat either but there is always hope! See you tomorrow – reporting from Rollins College in Winter Park, Fl.

Relationship status with teenage daughter: going to bed on a good note – mini fights had today: at least 7 but all good now.

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2 thoughts on “On The Road Again – Day Four of The College Tour (and five!)

  1. The truffle eggs Benedict at the Biltmore..

  2. Rachel Smookler April 1, 2015 — 1:40 pm

    Love it! We have not seen any famous people! It’s really fun I almost almost feel like going back to college and starting all over again:)

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