On The Road Again… Day Six on The College Tour

The flight from Miami to Orlando was awesome! The plane was on it’s way to London and so we were on a 777 for all of 42 minutes but it was great while it lasted – we finally were able to just throw up our carry on luggage into the over head compartment without a huge fight with the stewardess about how she was going to have to check our bags (this happened but lets keep the past in the past…).

Rollins College was next on our list and the drive from the airport to Winter Park took about 20 minutes. I had booked at the Alfond Inn (through Expedia, natch) and it was one of our most enjoyable stays! If Sophie ends up at Rollins I will be thrilled to stay here every time I visit. http://www.thealfondinn.com great rooms, amazingly cool art, delicious food and 5 minutes to campus. Rollins College is the focus of Winter Park, Florida which sets the tone for the town. The main street reminded us a lot of Greenwich Ave. It’s beautiful with great places to eat and very nice shops. Literally across the street from the dowtown is the campus and it’s equally lovely. We were greated in Admissions with coffee, water, candy, and a screen rolling our names and welcoming us to campus – slightly different than the packed sardines in admissions at the U. Our tour guide Reagan was blonde and adorable and we kept passing posters of her everywhere we went (she was running for VP in student gov). The food served here is #23 in the nation – just last week dinner was fresh lobster over linguini and the pool by the lake looks nicer than the Rye Golf Club pool:


the freshman dorm rooms have hardwood floors (this is a first – on all my college tours with the boys I have never seen this before…)


This is a fraternity house:


and Sophie and I spotted 3 LV bags on the floor of a very small study room (only about 20 kids in total)…

Here’s a shot by the lake…


so you get the picture…


after our tour was over and another info session was attended we got in the car and began the driving portion of our trip – up until now it’s been all flights. The first leg was a little over 4 hours to Tallahassee Florida. The drive was incredibly boring and very long but we made it to the state capital in time for dinner. I thought a local joint was called for and we walked the few blocks from our hotel to Bird’s Aphrodisiac Oyster Shack http://www.birdsoystershack.com let’s just say Sophie was less than pleased “mom, why didn’t you tell me this place wasn’t nice? I wouldn’t have changed.”



I thought it was fun and the oysters were really fresh.

Tomorrow, we visit Florida State University, home of the Seminoles and the largest school on our tour (about 32,000 undergrads)…


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