On The Road Again…Day Seven of the College Tour

I feel like i’ve entered an alternate universe where all I do is travel around with Sophie to colleges in the south and attend info sessions, go on walking tours and eat way too many calories… Today we are on day 7 – and we are still talking! Thank god for small miracles. After last night’s outing to Bird’s Aphrodisiac Oyster shack it’s amazing I was able to convince Sophie to actually visit Florida State. I was sure she was going to say it was too (fill in the blank) for her but she didn’t and we went and thank god because it’s gorgeous and she ended up really liking it. So far, we’ve visited five schools and she is planning on applying to all five – I think that’s pretty awesome and I credit the amount of prep we did before we came – there was a LOT of thought put into the college tour list and I feel the work paid off. The FSU visit was very interesting as it was the ONLY school I’ve ever visited with 32,000 plus undergrads. The school map was the size of a city map and it is definitely intimidating and I can imagine wandering around aimlessly looking for your dorm for at least the first 3 months of school. Here’s an interesting fact… FSU has a student-run circus, one of only 2 collegiate circus’ in the country. Here’s the big top:


The dorm room model was interesting. I have NEVER seen a toilet like this:


The dining hall was pretty gorgeous and I loved the very southern lady welcoming us to the cafeteria “welcome to Florida State. I love you.” Yup there is a lot of love in the south!


This was an interesting statue on campus. It’s called the “Integration Statue”. It’s a pretty powerful piece in the very center of the HUGE campus.


And you can never forget, no matter where you are, that the real reason everyone goes to FSU is the football team – you can see this stadium from everywhere!


Sophie and I had our first EVER Chick-Fil-A which some people on fb find impossible but I promise it’s true:


and tonight we are loving the southern hospitality in Savannah GA after driving almost 5 hours to get here. We had dinner in this beautiful home on historic 37th street at Elizabeth’s on 37th. It was amazing.


Tomorrow, we’ll be reporting from SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) which is interwoven into the city of Savannah. Can’t wait y’all!

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1 thought on “On The Road Again…Day Seven of the College Tour

  1. Can’t wait to hear what you both think of SCAD – Lia would love to go there!!!

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