Day 3 of the college tour: How It Took Me 25 minutes to go 1 mile to Admissions

Last night Annie and I arrived at Graylyn, a quirky college hotel/castle about a mile from the Wake Forest campus. This is what it looks like: graylyn

The inside didn’t exactly match the outside (as in: grandma called and she wants all her bed linens back) but the southern hospitality was on full display from the home made butterscotch cookies in the lobby to the very unique ice cream room, which we learned about at check-in. “Feel free to help yourself to as much ice cream as you want at all times, day or night.” I travel a fair amount and I have yet to encounter an ice cream room. In case you were wondering, this is what it looks like:


Sometimes it’s best to leave things to the imagination.

For dinner we drove to downtown Winston Salem and walked along N. Trade Street. This street and the surrounding area are now the heart of the Art District which was once know for it’s thriving tobacco market.IMG_8213

Many of the buildings that once housed feed and seed shops at the turn of the century now house art galleries and lofts. We ate at Sweet Potatoes (well shut my mouth!) yes that is the actual name. We started with our new favorite pimento cheese with ritz crackers (Annie suggested I get the recipe) and then had fried catfish, fried chicken, insane sweet potatoes, sweet potato and cornbread muffins with molasses on the side and finished with a piece of sweet potato pie. The place was buzzing with a beautifully diverse crowd and everyone seemed to be in a very good mood. IMG_8214


In the morning, after a delicious breakfast at the Graylyn, we jumped in the car for the 1 mile drive to campus. I had the campus map and the directions from the concierge in hand and I felt more confident that I usually do when I set off to find the admissions office at a new school. Unfortunately, my confidence was ill-founded as it took two u-turns, a few choice words from my daughter, an extra 25 minutes and the kindness of strangers for us to find it. Let’s just say directions and maps are not my strong suit.

While touring the campus, I was so excited to see the first signs of spring in what I thought were magnolia trees in the quad.


And then I remembered from the info session Wake Forest’s tradition of “rolling the quad”. Their enthusiasm for athletic victories can be measured in the amount of toilet paper they cover their quad in. Here is a picture of it when it’s in full cover:

Wake Forest fans roll the Quad after winning the ACC championship in this time-lapse photography made on Saturday, December 2, 2006.

The school was very impressive, especially the dorms which had kitchens, rec rooms, theaters, grand pianos, outdoor patios and a/c. Not to mention each freshman student gets a new laptop full loaded with software. That was a first for me.

Next up, driving to Davidson and a visit with some very special friends.

*Interesting tip: I love college search software and apps and found a new one today. It’s called SCOIR and it can be used on your laptop or iPhone. Its a great way to keep track of information while on tours (taking notes and photos) as well as getting quick overview information (what SAT score do I need to get in here? How many undergrads?)

Here are a few screen shots of my day at Wake Forest using the app.

IMG_8231 IMG_8232IMG_8234


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  1. At this school with what you are describing forget the Freshmen 15 more like Freshmen 50.

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